About AZ Allante

Excerpts from the Cadillac Allante Coffee Table Book

“The main elements of a classic automotive design are purity of line and harmony of proportion. These are elements that last…and which, if they are good, are good forever. The Allanté, I think, is a great achievement. Modern in the true sense of the word, it retains all the sense of a classic beauty. Allanté is a present expression of the future of the automobile”

Sergio Pininfarina – Coach Builder

“In photographing the Allanté, the initial impression is that of a lovely car, a unique design. The car is beautifully sculpted, which allows me to bring out its best appearance, just as I do with portraits. Lighting the Allanté is like lighting fine jewelry for Town & Country editorial pages. It’s beautiful, it has great lines, and it has character. I love the way it looks.”

Victor Skrebneski – Renowned Photographer

“To me, a classic design is one that lasts for a long period of time, and which gives the person who owns it a sense both of assurance and of long-lasting value. In automobiles as in clothing, the object itself must not overpower the driver or wearer. It must confirm rather than attempt to change who and what you are. In looking at the Allanté, I see lines that are clear and pure. A bit futuristic and free of ostentation…fundamental to classic design.”

Giorgio Armani – Fashion Designer

“The Allanté was planned to be-and is-a very special car. There’s an excitement at Pininfarina, our partner in the Allanté project…in the man himself, and his company.

When Pininfarina’s design flair and coach-work expertise are added to Cadillac’s standard of excellence in power-trains, suspensions and handling, the result is a marriage of remarkable strength. And the fruit of that marriage is the Cadillac Allanté.”

Alex Mair – Vice President of GM’s Technical Group

“With the Allanté, Cadillac has produced a balanced combination of luxury and performance-and that’s totally welcome. The Allanté has a firm, positive feel. It’s a car that invites you to pick up the, especially if you know what’s on the road ahead,

And to have some fun with it. It’s a car for the connoisseur, the aficionado, for the driver who’s very particular.”

Mario Andretti – Versatile Racing Driver

“A classic, whether you’re talking about ballet, literature, or an automobile, is something that lasts, that transcends a cycle or a fad. I believe in people who have something to say, and who aren’t afraid of doing something new. The Allanté reflects that attitude. I like the Allanté because it’s daring, and I like its elegance. I think the world could use more elegance.

Suzanne Farrell – A Ballet Legend